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Mastering simplicity since 1981! Galumphing through life with an understanding wife since 1974! Making people laugh since birth (except for a humorless vice-principal in middle school who didn't think I was very funny at all.)

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Starting from humble beginnings on a couch at a clown convention in St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada, Balderdash & Humbug have maintained their humble status throughout the years.  There is much to be humble about, but we hope to change that eventually.  We don't expect it, but hope is cheap and we've got plenty of cheap to keep us going.

We currently have 2 Christmas albums available through digital download from and  If you are looking for warm, fuzzy Christmas songs that will bring a tear to your eye and a lump to your throat...look elsewhere!!!

  If you are looking for Christmas laughs... look for us!

Jest In Time For Christmas

features the following... 

I'm Beginning To Look A Lot Like Santa

ACLU Carol

Bella Gusta Santa Clausa

Late On Christmas Eve

Good King Whatshisname

Sympathy For Santa

Yuletide Lament

I Didn't Get What I Wanted For Christmas

Marvin The Substitute Reindeer

Hawaiian Dreaming

Condensed Christmas

The 55 Days Of Christmas

features the following...

Cold Winter's Night 

Two For Christmas

Get Off Of My Lap

My Kid Saw Me Kissing Santa Claus

The 55 Days Of Christmas

Santa's Little Helpers

Carol Of The Basses

Holiday Hopp

Polar Bear Anthem

Auld Lang Yikes

Here Comes Valentines


 Note:  Lest you think we don't love Christmas and Santa because we make so much fun of it with these songs...


 Balderdash has been performing Santa for almost 50 years and even wrote a play called "In The Boots Of St. Nick" about what Christmas looks and feels like from the perspective of the nameless people inside the hot red suits and the itchy beards.  If you want a tear in your eye and a lump in your throat to go along with some serious belly laughs, this is the show for you.

    Humbug is one of the founders of Santa Canada, a collection of Santas who provide visits to seriously ill children all year round.

  Don't love Christmas??? 

You have to love something so very much to have this much fun with it!

They (actually its we, but speaking in the third person as all great artists do) also have plans for a new professionally produced version of Wounded Music That Refuses To Die ... and yes it will include Hole In The Bottom Of My Nose, Die Anyway, Club Soda, The Prostate Lament, The Golfer, and the new hit song Mutha G Blues... and more!



B&H Defending Dennis Kahalalis... but not too vigorously.



Caution tape... for your protection!



Notice something different about Humbug from the cartoon and the pictures?  He's lost 200 lbs!!!
A prize for the first person who identifies the music in the logo in the opening cartoon image.
 Be on the lookout for Myke's serious musician album

"table for one"

coming out in 2016!




David BALDERDASH Bartlett
                         The funny one, vocals, omnichord, ukulele.
          "Hey! How come Humbug's picture is bigger than mine?????"

Myke HUMBUG Hutchings 
The serious one, bass, guitar, steel guitar, vocals, keyboards, percussion,
 and a sense of maturity and responsibility
sorely lacking in the other performer.
"I'd tell you but you wouldn't understand one word of it."