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Mastering simplicity since 1981! Galumphing through life with an understanding wife since 1974! Making people laugh since birth (except for a humorless vice-principal in middle school who didn't think I was very funny at all.)

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This was a handmade gift from Ann Sanders (Tuttles the Clown) from Christmas 2015.

  Needless to say it was a wonderful surprise.  All winter long people asked about it, 

and I just kept saying, "Sorry, you can't buy one."



April 27, 2013  Bald Mr. Rainbow for St. Baldricks fundraiser to conquer kids cancer.









Around with World with Mr. Rainbow...



                                                    Canada                             Denmark                             Belgium

 Interesting notes about these photos...  In the Canada photo (taken at a teaching event on Prince Edward Island) you can see the beginning of a costume evolution...I still have the visor and the white overalls but am moving into my tie dye era.  In the Denmark photo... the newspaper was supposed to be covering the opening of the European Jugglers Convention (where I was teaching balloon twisting).  I performed in a show for the local children that was part of the opening.  The reporter talked with me before the show, saw me in the show and became more and more fascinated with how and why I did what I did during my part of the performance and why it went so well.  She realized that my success was the result of well thought out artistic design... in a clown!!!  This fascinated her!   So the article mentioned the Jugglers Convention... but was all about me!  It led to my being asked to perform for a juvenile detention center. <Gulp>  "Sure, why not!"  It went great.   About making the cover of a Belgian magic magazine... this happened  as I was cleaning up a room after teaching balloon twisting.  Instead of popping all the balloons left over, I started twisting them into a big balloon ball with no apparent design.  When I was done I twisted in a hat structure that could hold up the balloon ball. Word spread and people ran to the room to see what that Crazy Rainbow Man had made.  Many photos were taken and making a "scraps" hat has become a bit of a trademark thing for me.  So many want it I've had to have a lottery to pick the recipient after a class.





Did I hear "Encore?"   Anyone...anyone.... OK!

"There's a hole in the bottom of my nose..."

Note: no wig.  I dumped the wig around, just a guess, 2004. Interestingly enough, hardly anyone noticed.

The face was the same, the voice was the same and more importantly the personality was the same.






Me and the mysterious Mrs.

Do you see the interesting pin in the middle of my hat?  That was a pin I had designed and distributed to the members of the Red Nose Roundtable.

What was the Red Nose Roundtable???  In 2000 I organized a group of highly professional clowns I had met through my travels around the U.S. to meet once a year and sit around for 3-4 days in a hotel and just talk with each other about our dreams and goals and see if anybody else had such dreams and goals and see if there was any help we could provide each other in the pursuit of our dreams.  So much came out of those meetings as some of the members have gone on to great achievements in the world of clowning and entertainment.  Sorry, I don't do it anymore.  






Historical/Hysterical #1

This was my first professional promo piece.  It is from 1985 or 1986, taken while I was still teaching.

It was taken in the art room of the school and if the bottom of the photo extended you would

see the helping hands of one Megan Bishop (now Megan Bishop Moore ) holding up Pink Panther.

It had many things going for it and, as I would learn, a few key things going against it in the long run.  I went through 

thousands of these photos.  Figuring out how to hand them out became a funny and nearly ingenius clown bit!

Young.... oh so very young!!! (And apparently thin???  Really???)

Historical/Hysterical #2

This is my 1990s look.  This was the decade where Mr. Rainbow did literally thousands of birthday parties.  I needed a new promo piece and this was it.  Like the one before this, this was a postcard I handed out again and again.  The big difference is that I didn't make any specific balloon creations for the photo.  The not so good thing about the 80s card is that people saw my finest (up to that point) creations and pointed to one of the big creations and say, "I want that one."  Its like 1) I couldn't make anything else...  or 2) I have all the time in the world to make nothing but my biggest-best balloons.   Trust me, it became a problem!   So in this photo I fixed that problem.... but <sigh> not all the problems.  Note the glasses!  That means I was over 40 when this photo was taken. 


Historical Hysterical #3

I changed to the full tie dye look around 1998 (?) and people reacted to it as if I had finally found my perfect look.  Made me wonder, "What took me so long?"  I also switched exclusively to blue overalls.  Remained with this basic look until 2016.


  An amazing experience!  In 2016, after many years of working on it, Rupert Holmes (author, composer and multi-Tony award winner for The Mystery of Edwin Drood) finally mounted his reimagined production of "Drood", rewritten to make it more accessible to smaller theaters.  In a cast that included Broadway veterans (as well as Tony nominee Sally Mayes)...  I was selected to play the potentially sinister minister The Reverend Mr. Crisparkle.  We worked daily with Holmes and NY director/choreographer DJ Salisbury as they re-crafted the show for a smaller cast, a smaller setting and for the explicit talents of the specific cast members.  After opening night I asked Mr. Holmes to sign my copy of his novel "Swing."  For him to call me "A True Performer" was as wonderful a compliment as I have ever received.   Favorite memory...My mostly improvised "love song" with Sally Mayes at the end of one performance that  left the audience (and cast... and Sally) almost speechless with laughter!   Oh, and I killed Edwin Drood in more performances than any other cast member!  He/She deserved it!