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Mastering simplicity since 1981! Galumphing through life with an understanding wife since 1974! Making people laugh since birth (except for a humorless vice-principal in middle school who didn't think I was very funny at all.)

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   Artistic rendition above of Mr. Rainbow by Kelly Ballagh.

  In actual appearance clown may be fatter than depicted.

Some people diet, I pay artists to remove pounds.

Hooray!  You're here!   Wait..don't leave!!!

This is the e-home of  Mr. Rainbow the Clown, David F. Bartlett, Balderdash & Humbug and the

wonderful Christmas show "The Santa Class.

I get four types of visitors to this site ...

Type 1

People who look at this site and want to sell me their services to improve it...

Type 2

 People looking for comic entertainment for a birthday party (ages 3-96),

 public events, family events , hospital visit,  school/daycare visit,

or any event where laughter is desired....

Type 3

 Clowns and other entertainers...

who want me to teach them how to be fabulous like me...

Type 4

 An infinite amount of monkeys

 typing on an infinite number of  internet keyboards

 over an infinite amount of time.

If you are type 1...

Thanks but I'm happy.  I could actually use fewer of these calls.

If you are type 2...

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Yes... I am the same Mr. Rainbow who may have done your birthday party back in the

mid 1980s in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill N.C. area.

  Yes... I still do birthday parties...but after about 3000 of them I have slowed down a bit.

 No way I could keep up that pace! 

No... I don't wear a red wig any more... and when I stopped nobody seemed to notice.

  No... I don't have the Rainbow VW Bug anymore.  It has gone to the great beyond.


 Now I have a PT Cruiser that actually has heat... and defrost... 

and windshield wipers that work...

 and a floorboard that doesn't open directly to the road below... 

and a motor that isn't held together by paperclips. is you can't miss it!

Photobombed by grandson Booth!

  Looking to book an event?  Excellent!!!!

  Call me at 919-682-3288 or send an email to

Mention the word "flibbitygibbit" and get a $10 discount !!!!

If you are type 3...

WELCOME!!!!  Most of this site is actually for you.  To keep you here longer I have included the entirety 

of my first book Behind The Big Red Nose...FOR FREE!

 And not only that...  there is a section on the site called


with even more ideas and observations about clowning and performance and

 comedy that came after the publication of Behind The Big Red Nose

and is not included in The Clown Star or A Guide To YOUnique Clowning.

Ummm... did I mention... FOR FREE!!!

And finally...If you are type 4...

Better you than more type 1!

My new look as of July 2016... for a historical (hysterical?) look at Mr. Rainbow 

through the years, check out the gallery page.







Contact:  919-682-3288 (Durham, NC)  or e-mail:

Last web site update:

  Aug 1, 2016