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Mastering simplicity since 1981! Galumphing through life with an understanding wife since 1974! Making people laugh since birth (except for a humorless vice-principal in middle school who didn't think I was very funny at all.)

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 Mr. Rainbow Merchandise


This is not a high tech web site.  I do not have a cool, easy click-and-order feature like Amazon or any serious retailer.  Sorry!  So how do you pay me?  Figure out what you want and contact me and we'll figure out something...check, Paypal, Square, gold bullion... We will figure out something.


 Contact:  919-682-3288 (Durham, NC) or e-mail:

$25.00 each


Just as I eventually got out of the VHS business, I am getting out of the DVD business.    I will eventually be joining the 21st century and putting things on line for downloading... (and when I say  "I", it really means my friend Myke Hutchings ... and when I say  "eventually" it really means I have no idea when.   Maybe the eventual executors of my estate will get around to it... yeah I'm looking at you Becky and Kelly!)... but I am NOT going to be making any more copies of my DVDs.   I have some left on hand  if you definitely want a DVD.  
I have Rainbow Goulash, 



                                                                            Rainbow Goulash
    When I got out of the VHS business, I had to decide what to do with the 19 (yes folks there were 19 of them!!!) VHS titles.  Some of the titles had what I felt was strong enough material to transfer directly  to DVD.  Some of them were titles that could be combined as a double set, totally uncut.  With the rest I put together themed DVDs culled from the best of the rest.  Rainbow Goulash was the final of these combo DVDs and ended up being an eclectic mix of really good balloon sculptures that didn't fit any of the "themes."   
   Actually some of my best loved designs are on this one.  Panda...Dragon...Choo choo train... Ghost...Snail...Llama....Camel....Clown variations...Skunk... and the ultimate birthday balloon that requires absolutely no twisting!

E Unum Pluribus
Roughly translated it means from one...many!   Recorded in 2010.   All the designs on this DVD evolve from one basic body design, so in that respect it is like Girls In Gowns, but much more accessible to the mid-level twister.  Designs include a Happy Astronaut, Frankenstein, Leprauchaun, Elf, Dracula, Darth Vader, 
Skeleton Pirate,  and this one...

                                           You won't believe the ears... it is typical outside the box thinking you have come to expect from me.
                                                                                              (No glue or any other sticky substance used!)                                                                                                


  One Man's Search For Everything In 260 Latex Balloons. 


This title describes me a lot more than the balloon sculptures it contains. 

   This DVD includes a segment of  quick and impressive (and very cute)  birds that sit nicely on your finger.   As I did with Girls in Gowns and with E Unum Pluribus I came up with one basic structure from which many different things could be made.     When I tried them out in public, they were a big hit... and easy enough to be an addition to every day  line balloon work.


   The second segment includes two middle quick and impressive designs... a chicken and a rooster.  I've had the chicken in my repertoire for many years (but never put it on a dvd), and it has always been a hit.  It is more of a party/restaurant balloon and not a line balloon.  But, whenever I did it, someone would ask for a rooster.  That seems logical, doesn't it?  But I didn't get any ideas about it... until I started piddling with another idea and...BOOM! it finally came to me. 


   The third segment of the video improves on one of my previous Q&I designs to make it more fun looking (and still a Q&I balloon)... its a long neck dinosaur... and I  FINALLY!!!  came up with a T-Rex I am happy with.  Did I say "happy with?"  I am thrilled, overjoyed and filled with pride  over it. 

And finally... well... funny story...    After we filmed and started editing this DVD with all the above, I came up with a balloon design  that would/could/should headline the DVD.  Blame the lovely Mrs. Rainbow, she's the one who asked if I could make it  (and often that's all it takes to get the creative juices flowing.)   It all has to do with the unbelieveably popular red, unhappy  destructive ANGRY  BIRD... that gets shot from a slingshot !!  Best of all, after this little character outlasted its fame (and they all lose their fame eventually don't they) , it adapts for long lasting appeal as a simple shooting slingshot and will be part of your balloon repertoire forever!  And when the "slingshot" part breaks... no problem!  The projectile can just as easily be shot from your two fingers.   It could be one of the most perfect quick and impressive balloon designs I have ever done!  And those who know me also know that I don't impress myself very much at all.  This one made me very excited! 
I Reiterate... Indubitably!!!
    OK... long story short.   In Feb 2012 I retired 4 DVD titles and, like Rainbow Goulash, collected the best of the designs on this new title.  Think of it as double distilled quality balloon designs.
   These designs are timeless and you will enjoy having them in your repertoire for as long as you twist. 
(Note:  If the title seems a bit obtuse, you were probably not a 3 Stooges fan!)
Hippos & Rhinos
 (from Rhapsody In Balloons)
 (from Invasion of the Bubble People)
American Bald Eagle
 (from Thinking Outside The Egg)
 (from Noodling, Piddling, and Incessant Tweaking)



The Clown Star

Good news... then bad news... then temporary good news.  


  I have always maintained that The Clown Star was my very best product.  I would tell people, "If you only ever buy one thing from me, this is it."  The good news is that you did.  The bad news is that the book is now out of print... sort of. (Sort of???  What do you mean "sort of"?)   This brings me back to temporary good news.  I do have some books left.   I have  some "flawed" books from the original printing that were replaced by the publisher.  I call these the Topsy Turvy Edition of The Clown Star... meaning they have all the pages of the original book and occasionally more!  Sometimes a few pages are in the wrong order... but they are there!  Sometimes the pages turn upside down... but they are there!  Yes they have printing and publishing flaws but all the original pages are there inside the bound books.  I have signed and numbered these SPECIAL Topsy-Turvy Editions!  WOOO WOOOOO!!!!!!

  When these are gone I have no intention of publishing it in book form again on my own.  It may become an e-book, it already has become an audiobook!!! 


  The Clown Star has no pictures, no makeup tips, no skits, no magic tricks, no balloons, and only a few jokes. If that's what you need, you aren't quite ready for The Clown Star... and that's fine. The ideal reader for this book is the person who is truly interested in making the transition from occasional hobbyist to someone who wants to really entertain and advance artistically with their clowning. Its for the person who wants to learn how to be a continually creative, funny clown... a clown capable of leaving the cozy, comfortable confines of the clubs and alleys and go out there and entertain the real public... all ages... even teens!  It that's what you want then you are ready for The Clown Star.


  It is deceptively short but, if you are normal, you will read it many times and keep it handy as you constantly challenge yourself to be better, funnier and more accessible to all ages and all situations.  Nothing in the book is aimed at helping you win a competition, unless what you are competing for is the laughter of your audiences.  Feedback tells me that the lessons go far beyond clowning.

A Guide To YOUnique Clowning

This book is all about guiding you toward the creation of a unique, dymanic, compelling, comic, clown persona.  It isn't about shedding yourself in order to fit into the old archaic clown categories.  It is about rediscovering the soul of clowning in your own human soul, and not in a costume or a jar of makeup.  If  you are truly interested in keeping the art of clowning relevant in the 21st century, this book was written for YOU!  

Reviews and reactions to the new book,

A Guide To YOUnique Clowning


  "Your book is so awesome. I have read it 3 times already and plan to read it even more. You hit the nail on the head with your entire concept. You have no idea how much this will point the way for all new clowns, and how much it inspires us  30+yrs clowns. You put your hard learned knowledge in such a true guide for making the best clowns anyone could ever be. I know you blessed this old clown."

     J.G. (TX)  - long-time clown instructor, past COAI Artist in Residence


   "I think it's a winner--as in people will love it and buy it (maybe not in that order)--and I also think it's a great service to both the clown community and the norms who come in contact with clowns.  The book is funny, smart, on-the-money, and a pleasure to read."
N.B. (FL) - clown, college professor, author, artist, and bon vivant!


   "Love that you get down to the nitty-gritty of voice, movement, costume and make-up – a long standing conundrum for a lot of clowns - EVEN ME!!!!  Great to see that you've made it inclusive for the old folks and those who are less able bodied. I love that you've covered not always having to be a clown character i.e. use your talents where they are best suited."

 C.C. (ON) - clown headliner, theatrical performer, arts administrator


 " was a deep read and a read that I desperately needed. I was able to confirm things that I was already doing in my arsenal, and question quite a few things that I am doing. 

     The amount of break down and explanation in chapter 9 and beyond is phenomenal!  I have never found a read that breaks down the process of developing as well as you have!   You are trying to get people to shift from being a clown to THE clown. I have been trying to tell people this for a while now and never knew how to put it but you have done it so well!  THANK YOU!" 

 L.A. (GA) - circus and hometown clown, Santa, entrepreneur


 " I love this work more than I can tell you.   I will use it with every class I ever teach.  It truly is a masterpiece and something I have not seen elsewhere.  David Bartlett is a national treasure!"

 J.Q (NE)  -  Clown of the Year, past president, long time board member COAI


  " I was watching all the clowns hanging out... doing nothing... all I could think of was "Jettison The Junk!"  It was like someone opened a flood gate and the words from your book flowed over me."

 A.S. (VA)  - COAI Clown of The Year and Lifetime Achievement honoree


  "Your new book is incredible.  You are amazing!!! Your books are amazing!!!

Those of us who 'give a damn' about our profession NEED a book like this. There is SO very little out there that we can depend on and learn from." 

J.V. (AZ)  - WCA Clown of  the Year, COAI Best In Clown,  WCA/COAI Alley Director

Great news...this has also become an audio book! 




Behind The Big Red Nose


This book is a collection of most of the articles I wrote for LaughMakers magazine, Funny Paper Magazine, Calliope Magazine and Clowning Around magazine.  It covers almost every topic in clowning and, other than some of the dated references (I'm looking at you Doogie Howser M.D.),  they contain many timeless suggestions and observations about how to be a clown.  And the best part these days....its FREE!  Just look at one of the segment tabs on the top of the web site pages and you will see "Behind The Big Red Nose."


Did I mention its $FREE$



                                                           People often ask the difference between my books.  Think of it this way...

     Behind The Big Red Nose is like 60 lamps shedding light on 60 specifically different areas.

     The Clown Star  is the basic power that all the lamps are plugged into.     The Clown Star is also a view at the horizon that you can dream of ..the dream can keep you going forward throughout your entire life in clowning.

    A Guide To YOUnique Clowning is about the immediate things in front of you in creating a comfortable and sustainable comic clown persona by making YOU the basis of your clown persona. 

   Do  these books occasionally overlap?   Yes.  

Is that a problem if you've already read one of the books?  Nope.  

All of the people who gave the quotes above have read all 3 books.  The overlaps highlight common points on different paths, and these points cannot be repeated and stressed enough!




Jest In Time for Christmas


The 55 Days Of Christmas

By BalderdasH & HumbuG


   These are original comedy parodies and songs to tickle your funny bone at Christmas.  Check out the Balderdash & Humbug page on this site for more info about us and about these CDs.  Rated PG-13. 


  One important thing to know is that the songs are NOT for little kids.  Parody is a level of comedy that goes right over little kids heads and the subject matter for parody also goes right over their heads.  For example, one of the parodies is about gaining weight during the holidays (Beginning To Look A Lot Like Santa.)  Another parody deals with naughty activity on New Year's Eve.  For this reason we give them a PG-13 rating.  Some are parodies of well known, traditional Christmas songs, and others are parodies of such artists as The Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond and Conway Twitty.  


  These CDs for all of us who like to make a little fun of all the craziness of the Christmas season. 




 Both are also available for download on iTunes and 






                 There's A Hole In The Bottom Of My Nose

OK folks... those of you who have been on my back to record this song... you can now download it!

All proceeds go toward production of the next Balderdash & Humbug CD.  At least that's what Myke says!